World Spine Day October 16th 2016

“Straighten Up and Move”

Every year on October 16th people from around the world join together on World Spine Day to raise awareness about spinal disorders as part of the Bone and Joint Decade Action Week. You can GET INVOLVED!

Millions of people in all continents of the world suffer with spinal disorders. These can include low back pain, neck pain, scoliosis and disc disease, to name but a few. Spinal pain and disability can have a profound effect on a person’s overall health, sometimes preventing them from working or even doing simple daily activities.

Research has demonstrated that poor posture and inactivity are major contributors to the development of back pain and other spinal disorders. According to the World Health Organisation, one in four adults is not active enough and over 80% of the adolescent population is not sufficiently active either!

The World Spine Day (WSD) theme for 2016 is “Straighten Up and Move”.  We want to highlight the importance of physical activity and improving posture as part of good spinal health and prevention of injury. Therefore we are organising free spinal checks on Saturday the 15th of October.  People of all ages are welcome to make an appointment for a free 30 minute check up. Cycling enthusiasts are encouraged to bring along their bicycles for a free biometric fitting, where their bike settings will be adjusted to create the best compromise between an efficient cycling posture and a comfortable one.